What legal costs do I pay if I purchase a property in Spain?

We always recommend that you budget for 10% legal fees. This covers 7% IVA (Spanish tax) and 3% for stamp duty, legal costs and land registry.

Would you recommend a UK or Spanish Mortgage?

The choice is yours. Spanish mortgages currently have lower interest rates than UK mortgages, and by having the mortgage in Euros you will not be affected by changes in the exchange rate.

How do I apply for a Spanish mortgage?

We will help find the right mortgage for you, depending on your requirements. Once you have found a mortgage the Spanish bank will want to see your earnings as in the UK. You will need to provide three recent pay slips, bank statements and a P60, for every named person, if you are self employed you will need to submit your most recent tax statement and accounts for at least 2 years.

How will I know I am doing everything legally?

Always employ an English speaking Spanish lawyer to look over every aspect of your property purchase. The laws and procedures in Spain are different to the UK, We are happy to recommend a reputable solicitor to you.

Do I need to be a resident to purchase in Spain?

Anyone can purchase in Spain, who is a resident of a EU country.

Is there Spanish healthcare available?

Yes and its free if you are over the retirement age. Anyone else under this age should have full health insurance.

What happens to my UK state pension?

Arrange for this to be paid into a Spanish bank account.

How do I open a Spanish bank account?

Very simple, all you need are two forms of ID, ie passport or driving license.

Does Spain offer a good education system for my children?

Yes and it’s excellent!!! And again free of charge.

Can I bring my pets to Spain?

Yes, you must however provide proof that they have the required vaccinations and for them to have a microchip. You will also need a pet passport if you wish to take your pets back to the UK.

Do I need a Spanish will?

Yes, this is very important. Your solicitor will arrange this for you and we can recommend a reputable one for you.

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